Why Study MBBS Abroad is Better Than A Year Drop?

MBBS in Russia

What to Choose? MBBS Abroad or A Year Drop?

Who doesn’t want to have a successful and worthwhile career?
With every passing year, more and more students are taking interest in pursuing higher education from world’s top universities and design a successful career.

Be it medicine, science, engineering, arts of management, every field has a huge career scope if you have outstanding knowledge, talent and required professional exposure.

As in India, the competition in entrance exams is getting stiffer each year. Despite putting 10% efforts, many students are facing failure in these competitive entrance exams. In such situation, would it be worth to take a year drop and prepare again for the next year?

While Indian students have the option to study MBBS Abroad and stand the chance to get education from world’s top universities, isn’t it unfair to wait for one whole year and face the competition again?

Well, study MBBS Abroad is undoubtedly the best option to choose over dropping a year and still have no assurance to get selected in the next attempt.

So, if you’re confused in between choosing the MBBS Abroad or Dropping a year, we’d advise you to go for MBBS Abroad Education as it comes with various benefits and career advantages as mentioned below.

Why Choose MBBS Abroad Over Dropping A Year?

#1 No Entrance Test Is Required
To take admission in MBBS in Foreign Universities, based on your 10+2 qualification & age criteria, you can get easy admission in these universities. However, there are a few universities that require NEET Score Card and based on which, they can provide you admission to the university.

#2 No Extra Fee Other Than Educational Fee
To study MBBS Abroad, you don’t need to pay any extra fee other than the educational fee. These universities don’t ask for donation.
On the other hand, in India, there are many institutes that ask for donation if your score in not enough.

#3 Living & Food Expenses Are Quite Affordable
Most Foreign Countries offer affordable living and food facilities in their college campus. You can find hostel facilities nearby the medical institutes, which would also save your travelling cost.

#4. International Exposure
Studying MBBS in foreign countries not only prepares you well in terms of knowledge and practical experience, but also provides you an outstanding international exposure that helps you get wonderful jobs after completing your degree.

Do you want to know more benefits of studying MBBS Abroad? Speak to our counsellors and find out why it is beneficial to choose MBBS Abroad over a year drop.

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